Tara's Boudoir Session | Memphis Boudoir Photographer | Memphis, TN

Tara’s Boudoir Session | Memphis Boudoir Photographer | Memphis, TN

I kicked off the new decade with a boudoir session that was pure fire. Tara stopped by the studio to get pampered by Stephanie and have her boudoir session with me. Not only is Tara beautiful but she’s also incredibly sweet and funny. You guys should have heard her scream when she saw herself during her reveal session. I legit fist pumped in my chair when I saw her reaction. Watching her smile ear to ear is exactly why I shoot boudoir. It’s an absolutely amazing thing to be able to show someone how I see them and to remind them of their worth. Read about Tara’s session below and check out some photos too hot for Facebook! And Tara, you 100% are a goddess, do not ever forget that!

Why Andrea King Photography?

I did a lot of research leading up to making the decision to do the shoot. There are a lot of boudoir photographers these days but they are certainly not all equal! I knew once I saw Andrea’s work and talked with her over the phone that I definitely wanted her to take my photos! 

Why Boudoir Photography?

I am a stay at home mom of two kiddos, 4 and 9 months. I LOVE my kids and feel like one of the lucky ones to get to be home with them and watch them grow, not to mention taking care of my family as a whole. That being said, I wear either yoga pants (I don’t do yoga 🤣) or PJ’s pretty much 24/7. Rarely do I have on makeup and my hair is always dirty and in a mess on top of my head. I missed feeling sexy. I thought to myself, I am only 34 years old. I am not a grandmother and I need to stop treating myself like I am. When I actually am a grandmother, I didn’t want to look back and wish I would have taken a little time to celebrate myself. I want to share my photos and art with my husband, but I honestly did it for ME. Because we as REAL women deserve to feel like sexy bad ass bitches, because we are!!!

How did you feel before the session vs after it wrapped?

Nervous as all get out. Mostly concerned about my “sexy face”. I do not have a “sexy face” But Andrea did an amazing job at making me comfortable and reminding me how to breathe so that my face did look sexy and beautiful. 

What was your reaction to your images during your reveal?
Y’all, I seriously died. I could not believe that was me. I was like WHAT….I am a goddess!! Ok not really, but I was totally shocked at how hot I looked. WAY hotter than what I was picturing in my head beforehand. Trust me when I say Andrea knows how to show off your assets 😉

If you could say one thing to the women who are too scared to book a boudoir experience what would it be?

DO. IT. NOW. Seriously!! I was terrified. I am not a confident person. I kept telling myself I was crazy for doing this. But when I left that shoot, I was like, “I just killed that”. And you will too. 🖤 

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Hair and Makeup by Stephanie Creasy | Instagram.com/girlmakesface

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