Raves of Memphis Wedding photographer : Andrea King Photography



Beautiful and stunning photos.
Each and every photo is a masterpiece

- Amanda

I'm a badass

Anyone who is on the fence about booking with Andrea King
please just do it! I promise you won’t regret it. I went into my shoot
fairly certain that I would hate ALL of my pictures because I am always
so self conscious and terrible about picking out ALL
of my flaws. But now, I am soooo glad that I did it. I don’t even
recognize the girl in those pictures. When I saw them, I said to myself
“wow I’m a badass who knew” because I overcame my fears and did
something that I NEVER thought I would and have pictures to prove it.
Plus, this is one of the few times in my life that I really felt
beautiful and confident in my body

- Brittany C.

so awesome.

Andrea is very talented and creative! She is down to earth and an absolute pleasure to work with!

- Ashley


I do not have enough words in the vocabulary to express my love for
Andrea. As a fellow photographer, I can appreciate all of the love she
puts into her clients. Although I live in Indiana, I traveled to Rock
Island,TN for this session. Andrea drove 4 hours to this amazing
location and hiked several waterfalls with my Husband and I for our 5
year anniversary. She went above and beyond to get these amazing images, and really made sure our shoot was more of an adventure than a session! We had a ton of laughs, and she made me feel GORGEOUS, even with my questionable self-esteem!

- Kristen




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