Kassie's Spooky Boudoir | Memphis Boudoir Photographer | Memphis Photograher

Kassie’s Spooky Boudoir | Memphis Boudoir Photographer | Memphis Photograher

So way back in October (I can’t believe we are almost at Christmas) Kassie, a previous boudoir client of mine, came over to do a spooky Halloween boudoir session. Since Stephanie and I had already worked with Kassie it was like hanging out with an old friend. I was so busy at the time that I really only posted images in my VIP Facebook group and a few on instagram. With Friday the 13th happening right before Christmas and having the last full moon of the decade hit as well I think the internet is going crazy! I’ve seen so many posts calling it- The Nightmare Before Christmas. (hit play on Danny Elfman singing “What’s This?”) I figure this is the perfect time to share our spooky shoot!

Happy Friday the 13th!

As usual Stephanie slayed the makeup. She did all of it freehand and created the look custom. Check out Stephanie work on instagram @girlmakesface

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