Hey there, you found me! I'm Andrea and I hate doing introductions. I've never been good at telling people about me, but I'll do my best. I'm a spitfire of a little woman and a total hell raiser. I don't smile a whole lot but I love to laugh and have fun. My favorite thing to do is go on adventures with my family. Beach combing has become our go to hobby here in NC and we love finding the perfect shell at low tide. Before you book me you should know this- I curse a lot, I'm blunt, and I love to laugh. I'm pretty loud and I'll lose my camera at least once during our session. (Hello Italian roots and ADHD) My sessions aren't awkward at all, they're actually a blast. I've been behind the camera for almost 2 decades now and I never stop learning about this industry. I'm pretty new to living in the greater Jacksonville, NC area so I've got a lot of exploring to do. If you know of any gluten free and dairy free restaurants help a girl out please!


Enough about me, let's talk business. So what is boudoir? Truth is- I'm not so sure how to answer this question exactly. A lot of people think it's just photos of women in lingerie or nude...and yea, that's kind of it but not really. I like to say that I take your basic, everyday woman and bring out her inner badass. A badass, take no shit, sexy bitch to be exact. I give women a little reminder of how strong and sexy they are, how fearless they can be, and what the rest of the world sees when they look at her. I'm your personal hype squad. And as most of my clients say to me- this is your opportunity to see yourself. To really see what others around you see. You've been through some shit in your life and this is you taking your power back.


For every woman who books with me there's 10 who tell me they want to but can't. They say they could never get in front of the camera because they don't look like the women in my feed. Well, first off I shoot real women not models. Real women have hips and curves, real women have skin that moves with them when they pose, real women have war wounds from battles that tell stories of their courage and journeys. So yes, you can get in front of that camera because you are the woman in my instagram feed (unless it's anonymous because then you're not!) and you are beautiful, sexy, and amazing.


Still on the fence about it? Trust me, I know that feeling. Sometimes you just gotta buck up and get in front of the camera. Life's short, book the photo shoot. Do it as a gift for your partner, to celebrate a goal that you smashed, or just to have to look at when you're 80 and say- damn, I was fine. Don't live a life of regrets or what if's.

Andrea xoxo

The girl behind the camera is

- short, sassy, and a total spitfire

-swears like a sailor

- the opposite of subtle

- loves Gentleman Jack and coffee, but not together

- obsessed with basset hounds and bloodhounds

- boymom

- met my husband after I rescued his dog that was hit by a car

- a northern girl through and through



Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. your words will become a page in someone else's survival guide






I not only consider Andrea a fantastic photographer, but also a very sweet friend

- Lydia



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