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Hey hey hey! I'm Andrea and I'm the person behind the camera. I have gone through some pretty drastic business changes and I traded wedding photography for boudoir and fine art portraiture.


So this means I hang out with hot women in their underwear all day, right? Well kind of. I take the nervous queens that come in and I bring out their inner bombshell. When they are done with their sessions they are pure fire.


But really though, I empower women and give them a chance to see themselves as everyone else sees them. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a woman say that she can't do this, she doesn't have the body for this, she could never look like those models flooding instagram or magazines. BULLSHIT. Boudoir is for every single body and every single woman. You are sexy and you are worth investing in yourself. Every woman has a story to tell and every woman deserves to feel sexy and desired. Let me capture that for you! Come on in to my studio and sip mimosas while you're getting pampered by my hair and makeup artists. Spend the day trying on sexy lingerie and some kick ass heels and pamper yourself.


On the fence about it? Trust me, I know that feeling. But life's short, book the photo shoot. Do it as a gift for your partner, to celebrate a goal that you smashed, or just to have to look at when you're 80 and say- damn, I was fine. Go ahead and click that little Contact Andrea tab at the top and take the first step to being the badass you are.

Andrea xoxo

The girl behind the camera is

- short, sassy, and a total spitfire

- the opposite of subtle

- loves Gentleman Jack and coffee, but not together

- obsessed with basset hounds

- has 2 boys who were both NICU babies (we are bred to be fighters in this house)

- met my husband after I rescued his dog that was hit by a car

- a northern girl through and through



Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. your words will become a page in someone else's survival guide






I not only consider Andrea a fantastic photographer, but also a very sweet friend

- Lydia




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