Porsher and Atavio were married Saturday August 26, 2017 in front of family and friends in Grenada, MS. The day was full of laughter, tears, and a lot of excitement.

Magnificent McIntyres

You may remember Porsha and Atavio from their engagement session feature. The two got married in Porsha’s childhood church in Grenada, MS. The venue was massive and a maze to navigate, but the architecture was so beautiful. The outside provided an amazing backdrop for formal photos and it was hard not to stop and just stare at the massive structure! I will say that it took me a good hour to figure out my way around the inside the facility. Luckily the bride was hidden in a private room not too far from the ceremony site. She decided to do things a little differently and not let anyone see her before she walked down the aisle, not even her bridesmaids! There were only a few key people who saw her before her big entrance, one of them being her step father. She decided to do a private first look with him right before he walked her down the aisle.

The anticipation of seeing the bride was so high for everyone, the bridesmaids were wiping away tears while waiting for her. Her future husband was a bundle of emotions as he anxiously moved around on the stage trying to get a glimpse of his future wife. When the doors opened and everyone saw Porsha enter the sanctuary the room filled with smiles. She looked amazing, just like a princess.

Special Touches

Their ceremony held a lot of tradition and special moments. The Lord’s Prayer was beautifully sung during the ceremony, the bride serenaded her husband before they became man and wife, and the two jumped the broom before having their first kiss. The couple was met with a lot of high fives, smiles, and cheers as the couple walked down the aisle for the first time as man and wife. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people cheering and smiling for newlyweds as I did that day.

The reception was held a short distance away from the church and was full of just as much excitement as the ceremony. The couple slow danced to their first song soon trading partners with parents and relatives as they spun around the dance floor. The men hammed it up for the camera laughing and goofing off as the night went on. The dance floor was packed with guests as everyone celebrated the new Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre.

It was a beautiful day and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it. Check out some of the highlights below.

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Some of my dearest friends came to visit us from Birmingham a few weeks ago. We spent the time laughing, exploring Memphis, and creating memories.

Old Friends

I met Maggie working at a church child care center in Birmingham, long before either of us had any kids or even thought of driving a minivan. I’m not a southerner, and I stick out like a sore thumb in the community of southern women. At the time I was in my mid-20’s and stuck somewhere between adulting and wanting to nap all day long. So when I met Maggie that summer and saw her sporting some chucks I practically ran to her and clung to her side like saran wrap all summer long. Lucky for me she was into the same music that I was and her boyfriend (at the time) was easily as care free as she was. When my husband took a job here in Memphis I was super bummed to move away from her, but I knew we’d still be in each other’s lives.

Walking in Memphis

Fast forward to this summer and Maggie has 3 littles to rival my one! Her super cool boyfriend is now her husband and we get to meet up about once a year for epic visits with laughter, gluten free food, and lots of wine. Maggie added another member to her tribe about 6 months ago and I got to meet the little man for the first time. The cute, chubby cheeked, squishiness of Lincoln had me in love at first sight! I think he felt the same way as the kisses were abundant!

Of course we had to sneak in a quick family session while they were visiting, so we stole away to a nearby field to have some fun. Her middle child, Ethan, was a bit tired and not having it. Luckily there were M&M’s nearby, and along with Mama snuggles and Daddy tickles he came around.

Check out some of my favorites from our session. One of them was featured on The Snap Society’s Daily Favorites on Instagram and featured on their weekly inspiration blog! 


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Fall Mini Sessions held in Memphis, TN, perfect for families!


I haven’t done mini sessions in a couple of years! Last year I had a lot of requests for them, and since my October is fully booked every single weekend I wanted to schedule a day in September for mini sessions!

These are perfect for Christmas cards or grandparent gifts! They are especially wonderful for families with multiple children who won’t sit still for very long!

The Details

September 16th ONLY! Spots are incredibly limited and the list is already filling with families. These sessions are 30 minutes long and are $150. You’ll receive 10 edited digital high resolution images available for direct download from an online gallery. Additional images are $15 a piece and selection will be made directly after your session ends. Group sizes are limited to 6 people, additional people are an extra $25/person.

These will be held at a private location with address to follow. You must pay fee in full to book your session. Late arrival times will cut into your session time as spots are booked back to back.

Booking Information

Please fill out the contact form or email andrea@andreakingphotography.com directly only!

memphis tennessee photographer fall mini sessions 2017

Memphis Fall Mini Sessions 2017

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Can you believe that we’re halfway through the year already? I feel like I blinked and June is here!

Big News

I’ve got some dates open for 2017 yet and I’d love to fill them! So for a limited amount of time if you book your 2017 wedding with me you’ll receive $300 off select packages! Prices for 2018 will be going up as well, if you book your 2018 wedding with me *before* August of 2017 you’ll lock in my 2017 prices.

Just hit the contact me tab at the top of the page and drop me a line!



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Megan and Zach tied the knot at the Memphis Botanic Gardens on May 13th. Surrounded by family and friends they pledged their love and danced the night away.

Boy Meets Girl

Zach and Megan met in college right here in Memphis. Megan is from Korea, where her family currently resides, and came to Memphis for school. She’s secured two degrees in her time here, achieving her second only days before her wedding. She and Zach lived in the same dorm and in typical boy meets girl fashion they became friends before anything else. Their friendship soon blossomed into something more and is now, what everyone can plainly see, an unbreakable bond of love. I knew their wedding day would be amazing when I took engagement photos of them. You can see their engagement photos here.

You see the great thing about love is that it’s understood in any language. Much like happiness, gratitude, and amazement, love is something that you can just feel in the air. Their wedding day held a few challenges because Megan’s family doesn’t speak English.

I knew one phrase to introduce myself to her Mother (“Hello, how are you” is something that I picked up while working for a Korean family in high school) so the day was full of hand motions, smiles, and follow the leader. But there was one word, one language, that everyone understood and that was love.

If you were at the Botanic Gardens that day it was plain to see just from watching both sets of families that there was something that held everyone together. The glue of the day, I’d guess you call it, was love. It wasn’t just the love of the bride and groom for each other, it was the love and bond that both families had for one another.

What Fairytales Are Made Of

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – Harry Burns (When Harry Met Sally)

Megan and I did her bridals the week before her wedding and when I saw her in her gown for the first time I thought she looked like Cinderella. I knew then that the wedding day was going to be emotional for everyone. As someone who’s lived away from my family for the better part of 16 years I know how special and amazing it is to have everyone together for any event, much less a wedding.

As she stepped into her dress for the first time she fanned her eyes so that her tears wouldn’t ruin her makeup. She and Zach met in the woods at the Botanic Gardens for a secluded and private first moment together. I asked if either wanted to say anything to the other. Zach just took her hand and said no, the tears were already trying to flow and if they exchanged words they’d probably both just cry.

As Megan’s father walked her down the aisle to her future husband I saw a flood of emotion sweep across her face. And when Zach saw his bride for the first time I wasn’t sure if he was going to cry or jump in the air with happiness. It’s something both of them were so excited for and spent so much time anticipating.

They had an amazing ceremony surrounded by loved ones, and they headed to the reception full of warm embraces and well wishes. Their guest book was probably the coolest thing I’ve seen so far- they had guests take photos with a Polaroid camera and stick them on blank pages.

Family Traditions

If there’s one thing that everyone can look forward to from the couple it’s lots of babies! There’s a Korean tradition where the parents of the couple toss fruit and nuts onto a special cloth that the newlyweds use as a net. They count the fruit and nuts and however many are in there is the number of children they will be blessed with. 29 kids, the lucky number was 29. In good humor Zach’s father toasted to a happy life with many, many happy children.

They danced the rest of the night away surrounded by family and friends. Zach made sure they left the reception in style when he dipped his new bride and kissed her. Before they left for their first night as a married couple they met her family for an emotional goodbye.

They spent a few days in Florida with Megan’s family before saying a final goodbye. From the pictures Megan shared on Instagram I know their happily ever after has already begun.

Check out some highlights from their day. When I say it was impossible to narrow down my favorites I mean it!


Memphis Botanic Garden Wedding bride and groom kissing in Becken Pavilion

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