Megan & Steven | Byhalia, MS | Rustic and Intimate Wedding

Megan and Steven were married on a beautiful October day at her Grandfather’s horse arena in Byhalia, MS. I loved meeting their families and sharing their special day with them.

We Go Way Back

I met Megan and Steven a few years ago when I photographed Megan’s brother, Max’s, wedding at the same venue. She had this contagious energy that you couldn’t help but radiate towards. She was always smiling and I joked with her that on her big day I had better be the one to document it! Luckily for me she and her family kept up with my Facebook page and when Megan’s big day was set in motion they contacted me to be there!

Her wedding day was going to take place in the same spot as her brother’s did. A horse arena in Byhalia, MS that belonged to her grandfather. Her family all lives in the general vicinity of the area and are super close. They decked out the arena with beautiful found tables, fall decor, beautiful flowers, and personal touches. My favorite were the signs that said “Booze” and then a few feet away “Bad Dance Moves.” Because really, when you put those two things together it becomes pretty epic!

Family Ties

The day was hot one and the sky offered very little shade so I was super thankful that we were in a covered arena away from the sun. Megan looked stunning in a long sleeve, lace, wedding gown complete with her cowboy boots. She and Steven had a cross with two pieces that fit together with nails to symbolize the joining of their lives and love. They had a very special seat reserved in memory of the groom’s father who passed but was there in spirit. After the ceremony Megan and Steven stole away for some private photos, danced with friends and family, and enjoyed the newness of marriage. I’m not even going to lie and say I didn’t ugly cry watching her Mother cry while Megan danced with her Father. Because I pretty much did!

I could tell that Megan and her Mother had a bond that was unbreakable. Anyone who has ever been in the same room with them at the same time could see that not only are they mother and daughter, but they’re also best friends. Megan had joked that it would really be her Mom having to give her away and that there would be a Mother/Daughter dance at the reception. She wasn’t joking, at the end of the evening she and her mother laughed and danced in front of friends and family. It was so sweet to watch.

I know these two are going to have a beautiful life together and I can’t wait to see all their babies, puppies, and all of their adventures.

Check out some details of her big day below!


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Reilly & Kyle | Griffin Chapel Wedding | Brunswick, TN

Reilly and Kyle were married on a beautiful Saturday in October. They had an intimate ceremony in the Griffin Chapel in Brunswick, TN.


Kyle’s Mom actually found me online and forwarded to my information to Reilly, and by pure happenstance I was available on her wedding day. It was the very last day in October that I had open in my calendar! I met Reilly and her Mom a few nights after speaking on the phone and I knew it was meant to be. I had been keeping that date open for one of two reasons- to kick back with my feet up and enjoy an October Saturday or to photograph a really cool couple’s wedding. Within the first 5 minutes Reilly totally secured her spot in my calendar. She (and her mother) both understood my northern dislike for the word Ma’am, my odd sense of humor, and my love for all things puppies. I think we spent more time during our meeting cutting up and sharing photos of our babies than talking all things wedding.

A Quiet Saturday In The Woods

Reilly and Kyle decided on an intimate wedding at a chapel in the woods. I had never been to Griffin Chapel for a ceremony but have driven past it a few times and thought how cute it was. Reilly reminded me a lot of myself when I got married. She wasn’t about the hustle and bustle of the day. She just wanted to wear some kick ass shoes and get married to her sweetheart. And that she did.

Little Details

The couple opted for a traditional wedding with the groom not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle. Kyle is military (thank you!) and was decked out in his dress blues. Reilly wore a sweet, simple, and elegant lace gown and some amazing blue stilettos. The ceremony was traditional with the joining of sand, handwritten vows, and lots of love and smiles. Her bouquet featured lace from her Mother’s wedding gown. She also had something that I’ve never seen done before- she tied her bouquet with the collar of her beloved and gone too soon pet. It was so sweet!

Life’s Waiting To Begin

After the “I do’s” we ventured into the woods for photos and things got a little weird, but in a totally fun way. There may or may not have been a moment where they screamed an obscenity at me and cracked up for one of my favorite images. I’ll let you guess which one that is. They did a lot of cuddling, a lot of smiling, a little kissing, and a lot of basking in the newness of marriage.

Afterwards they headed to Germantown for a small reception surrounded by their friends and family. There were some sweet toasts with some guitar playing and a play on “You Are My Sunshine” since that’s the bride and groom’s song. We ended the day with a great shot of the two with Reilly’s parent’s dogs. Because if you know the bride then you know that pets are everything.

I’m so excited for these two and I can’t wait to see where their journey takes them.

Check out some of my favorites from their day.


Griffin Chapel Wedding Brunswick, Tennessee

Andrea King Photography | Wedding Photographer Memphis | Engagement Photographer Memphis| Available for Travel

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Alison & Scott | Mallard’s Croft Wedding | Byhalia, MS

Alison and Scott were married on a sleepy Sunday October afternoon at Mallard’s Croft in Byhalia,  MS. I’m so excited to share some of my favorites from their special day!

Mr. and Mrs.

You may remember Ali and Scott from their engagement session last winter. I knew during that session that I was going to love working with these two. They’re pretty laid back and really funny! I was not disappointed on their wedding day. Both sets of the bridal party were a blast to work with, from goofing off during photos, high fives down the aisle, to jumping around the dance floor, the day proved to be exciting and so much fun!

Rain is Good Luck

Ali and I met earlier in the week to discuss the timeline for the day and track the weather. Autumn in Memphis is a toss up, nobody knows if it’s going to be fall like or still summer. There was rain moving into the area so we watched the timeline closely. Sunday started off pretty cool with some rain, but everyone will tell you that rain on your wedding day is good luck. These people couldn’t be more right! Right before guests arrived for the ceremony the rain moved out and the most beautiful, soft, sunlight moved over us.

Ali had an emotional first look with her father right before the ceremony started. She carefully planned the details of the day. Her bouquet was decorated photos of her loved ones tied with ribbons, along with crystals that were in her mother’s wedding bouquet on her wedding day. She rocked some pretty amazing rose gold sequin shoes and I’m not ashamed to say that I immediately went online and ordered myself a pair in black. And possibly another pair in the rose gold. What can I say? All my brides know I’m a shoe junkie! Ali also did her own makeup for her wedding and did an amazing job, she’s kind of badass like that!

Sweet Sunlight

The ceremony light was like a dream, and watching Scott’s nervous expression soften as his bride cascaded down the aisle toward him was something out of a fairy tale. I know they were both nervous for the wedding, the weather, and all the details. Watching it all come together was so amazing and such a blessing to be part of. It was a beautiful ceremony officiated by one of Ali’s friends. There were lots of tears and lots of laughter as she told the crowd how long it took Scott to actually call Ali and ask her out after they met at a bowling league. With the declaration that she was his girl shortly after the two’s future was written in stone.

Let There Be Cake

I’m going to be honest and say that I had remove myself from the desert table area before I dove headfirst into all of it. Literally. I think my second shooter had to guide me away at one point because she saw the expression on my face! Ali had told me that she was going to be having a ton of pie’s, cheesecakes, donuts, and other goodies. I didn’t really realize the insane and amazing spread they’d be having until I got within 5 feet and started to smell all of it. Shoes and pastries are my downfall, and this wedding didn’t disappoint with either! Her Uncle owns Vanelli’s Deli in Germantown and he also provided an amazing spread of food for the guests. Ali’s from a large Italian family as well so they understand the importance of good food!

As I watched the bride and groom dance and laugh with their family and friends I knew this was a marriage for the long haul. These two have an awesome support system and so much love between them and around them.

Check out some highlights from the day!

Andrea King Photography | Wedding Photographer Memphis | Engagement Photographer Memphis| Available for Travel

Flowers: Kacie Cooper

DJ: DNA Entertainment

Catering: Vanelli’s Deli

Cake: The Flour Garden

Hair: Marcie Secomb

Pies and Cheesecakes: talented friends and family

Donuts: Gibon’s 

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Zach & Brittany | A Pink Palace Wedding | Memphis, TN

A Pink Palace Wedding. Zach and Brittany were married on a quiet October Saturday at The Pink Palace in Memphis, TN. It was what dreams are made of.

The Sweetest Couple

You may remember Brittany and Zach’s baseball themed engagement photos from last winter. Zach is the baseball coach at Bartlett High School and they held their sweet engagement session at the baseball field! Their wedding day was an absolute fairy tale. In the years that I have been a wedding photographer I can honestly say that I have never seen a groom more excited to get married, more ready to see his bride, and more in love with his bride than Zach was. This man is so in love with Brittany that it just radiated out of him. (And with good reason, if you have ever met Brittany you’d understand. She is one of the sweetest, mot beautiful, most caring people I’ve met.) It was so amazing to be a part of their love story. The two families truly embraced one another, love one another, and are so happy for the couple. Zach’s father said he finally got his daughter with Brittany!

Love and Laughter

The wedding day called for rain, but amazingly not a drop fell at The Pink Palace. The bride wore an beautiful lace, elegant wedding dress. The girls rocked some Tom’s and had the perfect mix of glam meets comfort. The sky was a beautiful overcast, perfect for outdoor photos. At the beginning of the ceremony there was a little rumble of thunder, as if God was giving the couple a drumroll for their big day. College football played on tv’s throughout the day, the families helped the couple get ready, and the wedding party cut up and laughed until the end of the night.

The Officiant has known Zach since he was a child and had wonderful stories to tell about him. During the ceremony I saw one of the groomsmen disappear and several minutes later hustle back in line. Through the hustle and bustle of the day the best man forgot to grab the rings! Luckily they were found and Zach and Brittany have something to laugh about when they think about their wedding day in 50 years.

When it was announced that Zach could finally kiss his bride the entire audience erupted in cheers and applause! He had one request for photos and that was to get an image of him kissing his wife on the forehead. You see whenever he sees her he walks up to her, grabs her, and softly kisses her on the forehead. Their love is so deep and so true that I know wonderful memories are going to be made in the coming years.

The Adventure Begins

After the ceremony the wedding party and guests gathered inside The Pink Palace for a night of dancing, drinking, laughing, and memory making. The energy was high and contagious as everyone bounced around the dance floor, exchanged high fives at tables, and laughed until their bellies hurt. I just want to say that I hope when I’m old enough to be grandmother that I can still bust a move on the dance floor like Brittany’s Grandmother did! I have never seen a crowd of people have such a good time as I did that October night.

The bridesmaids wore their Team Bride trucker hats as they spun around the floor. The couple played The Shoe Game where they answered questions about one another without looking at each other. I think I laughed harder than anyone when the DJ asked who the first one to pass gas was!

Brittany changed into a sweet cocktail dress as the couple exited to a crowd of friends and family waving balloons, cheering, and clapping for them.

It was an epic day, and that’s not something that I say often. It was everything that it should have been and much more. The couple vacationed in the Dominican Republic following their wedding. Check out some of my favorites from their special day.

Memphis Wedding lace long sleeve wedding gown navy wedding suits

A Pink Palace Wedding in Memphis, TN

Andrea King Photography | Wedding Photographer Memphis | Engagement Photographer Memphis| Available for Travel

Makeup Artist: Ashley Parsons 

Venue: The Pink Palace

DJ: Jim Steinbrecher

The Faceless Generation | Memphis Tennessee Wedding Photographer

2018 will see a lot of changes for Andrea King Photography. One noticeable one will be the way your memories will be captured and documented.

Preserving Memories

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a big advocate of printing your photos. All of your photos, even your cell phone photos. They make apps for that! You just download Chatbooks and for $8/mo you can have one month’s worth of memories automatically printed in a small book and mailed to your home. It’s amazing really, and super convenient. I do this for my personal Instagram feed! You would not believe how many people post family memories on Instagram and wake up one morning to their entire account just gone. Poof! Vanished into thin area. All of those snapshots are lost. For some people those are the only images they have!

This brings me to a phrase I’ve coined for upcoming generations. I call them the “faceless generation.” We have too many apps, so many ways to broadcast our lives on social media. Sometimes that’s the only place the younger generations will have photos. They post snips of their life on Snapchat and after a day it’s gone. Just like that, vanished. Same thing with Instastories. Most of the younger crowd *only* posts those snippets for everyone to see. But what about images of you to show your kids? Or grandkids? I have my mother’s baby album! I have my grandparent’s wedding photos! These 20somethings or teenagers are going to be in their 60’s with no images of themselves from when they were younger. They’re the generation with their smartphones always pointed in selfie mode, snapping away. But they don’t ever print images to show that they were there.

Now me? I’m not a snapper. I don’t get it. I don’t understand The Snapchat. I’ve tried, I have a profile for it. But I’m not interesting! A lot of the stories I see are Target aisles or people’s feet walking on pavement. Is that how we communicate now? Most of my days are spent with my son or sitting behind my computer editing. Who wants to see that every day? I’d much rather have a candid snapshot my husband takes of me when I’m not looking. A little 3×5 or 4×6 to say “I was there.” This was me- no makeup, messy bun, sweatpants and sports bras that I live in. This was me, totally unstaged. And I was there. 

It’ll be like they never existed…

I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but Facebook and Snapchat aren’t going to be around forever. Much like the 8 tracks, floppy discs, even cd drives on computer. They’re gone. Phased out. Things of the past. Now there are usb ports or just cloud spaces. One day Facebook will be gone. One day Snapchat will be old news. So what’s going to happen to all those images? Well, likely they’ll be gone too. You’ll mean to print them but you never will.

No marks to leave on the world. No story to tell through images of their life. You won’t be able to pull out a photo and show your grandchildren how much you looked like your parents. How much they look like your parents. Or that everyone has an awkward stage in junior high school, they’ll grow out of it.

But what if the worst happens? What if you, or someone in your family, has an accident? Or God decides that’s it, time’s up. Do you have any idea how many brides email me and ask for *any* other photos of family members that I may possibly have because that family member died? It’s the worst email to read. But year after year I get them. I always freeze up and think of my family members. My mother…gone. 55 days of sickness and gone. Just like that. No warning. One minute she was laughing at my kitchen table, and the next time I saw her she was on life support. I have friends who lost a parent while they were in high school. Their children never met them, but they live on through pictures. Framed pictures on dressers in bedrooms. Frames that are clutched to your heart on top of heavy heaves and tears and wishes for more time.

I have one image of my father’s grandmother. It’s her engagement announcement in the Sunday paper. Do you know how much digging I had to do for that? I didn’t know her but sometimes I’m told I look like her. It makes me think- who was this woman? 

I guess that’s why I do what I do.

And I guess that’s why I try to do it with as much care as possible. I’m the photographer that will try to get images of all of your guests at their reception tables. I’m the photographer who will weave through the dance floor and capture everyone laughing and having fun. Crisp, clear images of laughter and love. Because these images are part of your story. They are part of who you are, and what makes you…well, you. Your life is a series of moments that define you, make up your story. Your wedding day is a huge moment in that series of events.

2018 will see a lot of changes for Andrea King Photography. One notable change is going to be my wedding prices and packages. Prospective brides will see a small increase in my package prices for the upcoming wedding season. The rate increase, however, is for a wonderful reason! I’ll be adding a new, leather wrapped, 20×20, deluxe album. It’s huge. It’s insane. It’s amazing.

It’s not a coffee table book. This is the album. When you open this bad boy you’re going to relive one of the best days of your life. Your images will be largely and beautifully displayed on thick mounted paper. It will be custom designed to your liking. And when your grandkids look at this album they will be blown away at what an amazing love story you had.

Why am I doing this huge change? Because your love story needs to be told. Your love story deserves to be told. And my couples deserve the best, so I’m giving it to them. I’m so excited for this product launch!

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